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Hello and Welcome to the Mary Star of the Sea High School Library! The library may be contacted by calling 310-547-1138 ext. 212 or via email. 

(See Parent Student Handbook page 40)

Library Dos:

Act responsibly – maintain a quiet, respectful atmosphere. Students may not hold conversations in the Library. It is not a gathering place. Tables should be used for studying and the computers for homework and research. Please do not conduct craft projects in the Library.

Ask for permission prior to accessing the computer. Utilize computers and printers for academic purposes to finish homework, research and draft reports.

Carry a flash drive – items saved to the desktop are deleted at the end of each day. However items saved to My Documents are accessible on all computers for one month.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times and cell phones are never permitted.


Library Don’ts:

No eating or drinking – this includes water bottles and mints!

No gum chewing

No craft projects that include glue or other permanent adhesives

Never deface school property or change computer settings

Students may not print pictures, photos or images on the school computers. However those who do print pictures, photos or images must pay 10 cents per page of images at that time.


Things to Remember:

The Library is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Desktop has shortcuts to My Computer, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Access your flash drive through My Computer. The AutoRun has been disabled.

The Library has 15 PCs and 3 Mac computers. The PCs are Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010. The Macs have Mac software (Pages, Numbers) as well as Microsoft Office.

  • MAC USERS: If you have a Yahoo email address and you save a PAGES document as an attachment to your email, it may not open on the school computers. Yahoo somehow changes the file index. Please save your Pages document at home as a PDF and then the attachment will open in the Library. Thank you.

The Library printers automatically print double-sided – no exceptions! Please do not pull the paper out of the machine until AFTER it has printed.

Photocopies are charged 10 cents per page at that time.

Students must pay the photocopy or printing charges immediately – IOUs are not allowed.

Books, videos and DVDs may be checked out for two weeks, and then returned or renewed. Students WILL replace lost items plus those returned with graffiti or other damage.

A five cents-fine per day/per item is assessed on overdue books. Detentions issued for failure to return an overdue book when requested.