Notes from Class 1/11/19

TIps for writing the scholarship essay!

    • Find a way to tell your story: Make sure the scholarship understands who you are and why you deserve the money being offered. This does not mean you are groveling. This gives the scholarship a reason to give you the money.
    • Avoid perfunctory sentences. “I am going to talk about how ________ is bad for our generation.”
    • Look out for simple word choice mistakes
      • Then and than
      • Effect and affect
      • There, They’re and Their
    • Create impact within sentences by putting strong words at the end. See how the second sentence is better than the first in the following:
  • The adopted girl realized she could not be at peace until she found her mom, the woman she was related to OR The adopted girl realized she could not be at peace until she found her mom, the woman to whom she was related.
    • Create a good theme and thesis. Please check your thesis statements and make sure that you have CLARITY. Are you actually writing about what your thesis is saying?
    • Multiple topics? Umbrella statement!
    • Next, figure out why you are writing. What do you hope to accomplish?
    • Find examples. Use references, quotes, etc. to help make your point seem more valid
    • Which sounds better:
  • The pressure that our generation is facing is causing high levels of depression  OR Our generations is facing a new tide of challenges which has resulted in a 26 percent rise in adolescent depression as compared to when millenials were going through their final years of secondary education.
  • Conceptions about Generation Z   
    • They’re Digital Natives
    • The would they live in has never felt safe
    • They’re the most accepting/progressive generation
    • They’re health conscious
    • They value their privacy
    • They’re entrepreneurial and worried about future prospects
    • They’re changing the distinction between childhood and adulthood
STUDENTS: You should be making headway into your scholarship essay. Necessary changes that need to be made:
- You need to have an enticing hook
- Your thesis needs to be engaging and clear
- Have a clear path to how you will finish this assignment