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Squire Roses, Circle 0001

Moderator:  Mrs. Anna Andrie

Mary Star of the Sea High School became the first school in California to have its own Squire Roses chapter.

On Saturday, May 18, 2013, Mary Star held an investiture ceremony for 51 Roses (students) and three counselors who received red roses and rosaries for its new members. The Squire Roses are a youth fraternity associated with the Knights of Columbus for Catholic young women, ages 12-18. The Squire Roses now join our Columbian Squires (young men) on campus to further promote our Catholic faith and identity.

The Squire Roses conduct many activities which strengthen their faith but also benefit the San Pedro Community, including hosting Gifts at the Manger (Christmas), hosting a New Year's Eve Party for Little Sisters of the Poor, and partnering with Meals on Wheels to deliver handmade Valentine's Day cards for the elderly.