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Admissions » Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

The California State Law requires immunization against Polio, Measles, and Diphtheria-Tetanus for first admission students. Students must also have a Tuberculosis test if they are entering a California school for the first time.

State Immunization Requirements

To enter or transfer into public and private elementary and secondary schools (grades kindergarten through 12), children under age 18 years must have immunizations as outlined below.  New 7th grade entry requirements are effective 7/1/99.

1.    Pupils not meeting requirements:  Pupils who do not meet these State requirements are referred to their physician or local health department, providing them with a written notice giving dates of vaccine doses received and indicating which doses are lacking.
2.    Documentation:  All pupils must present an immunization record.
a.    What is it?  It is a written immunization record, either a personal record with entries made by a physician or clinic, or a school immunization record - the blue California School Immunization Record (PM286) or another state’s school record.  It must include at least the month and the year each dose was received; for measles, rubella and/or mumps vaccine given in the month of the first birthday, month, day and year are required.  A record saying only “up-to-date,” “all requirements met,” or “series complete” is inadequate. California state law, SB 614, requires that all students entering the 7th through 12th grades must be immunized with a pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine called Tdap (Tdap, Adacel, Boostrix, Dtap or DTP) given on or after the 7th Birthday. Student must show proof of this vaccination before he or she may begin attending classes. Helpful information regarding this immunization can be found at .  Also, the record must show that all due or past due vaccine doses have been received. Parents cannot simply fill out a California School Immunization Record but must present a written immunization record.
b.    Who must present it?  All pupils entering school or transferring between school campuses.  Kindergarten entrances and entrances from outside the U.S. must present a personal immunization record.  Pupils transferring from other school in California or other states must present either a personal immunization record or a state school immunization record.
c.    When must it be presented?  Pupils transferring from other schools in California or in other states may be given up to 30 school days of attendance while waiting for the records to arrive from previous school.
3.    Conditional Admissions:  Pupils lacking one or more required vaccine doses but not currently due for a dose may be admitted on condition that they receive the remaining doses when due.  If the maximum time interval has passed, the pupil must be excluded until the next immunization is obtained (cf. Appendix B in the back of this handbook for more information).

Written documentation must be provided.  Parent recall is no longer accepted.

Entrants to a California school must present written evidence of a Mantoux TB skin test.

TB Test Requirements

Who needs a skin test?
  • Students who have never attended a California school must present written evidence of a Mantoux (PPD) skin test.  Multiple puncture tests are not acceptable.
  • All kindergarten and first grade students who never attended kindergarten anywhere (preschool does not count).  This test must be given within one year prior to registration.
  • All others who never attended any school in California.  This test could have been performed at  any previous time.

What does the student bring to school?
  • A form from the physician or health facility with the following:
  • Type of test -- Mantoux (PPD) only. Multiple puncture not acceptable.
  • Skin test reading (negative is acceptable if less than 10 mm).
  • Date of test and date of reading.
  • Signature of physician or designee.
  • If skin test results is 10mm or more or in duration (positive): date of chest x-ray and statement that child is free of communicable TB must be present.                 
*The new California state immunization record contains all of the above information.

  • A chest x-ray instead of a skin test is not acceptable unless the physician medically waives skin test.
  • Prior BCG vaccination is not acceptable as a medical waiver.
  • A child age twelve or older may sign consent for TB skin text or x-ray.
  • The Mantoux test should be given prior to, or simultaneously with, a live virus vaccine (measles or polio).  If the live virus has already been given, the Mantoux should be deferred for one month as this may cause a false negative result.
For questions, please call TB control at (213) 940-8241