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Christian Service Ideas

Ideas for Christian Service:

1) The hungry, homeless and poor
--Clothing, food and toy drives-organization and distribution
--Hunger awareness meals-participating and serving
--Habitat for humanity-building and repairs
--Serving food in homeless shelters
--Soup kitchen-food preparation
--Meals on wheels-delivering food to invalids

2) The sick
--Assist nurses in hospitals and health centers
--Nursing homes-crafts and group activities
--Patient care in rehabilitation centers

3) The physically disabled
--Read to blind persons
--Social events for the sight impaired
--Sign for deaf persons
--Special Olympics-coaching athletes
--Ronald McDonald House

4) Youth and children
--After school recreation programs
--Assistant coaches for youth sports
--Tutor at elementary schools
--Orphanages-visit and help repair
--Boys and Girls Club Mentoring
--Day/summer camp counselor

5) Religious related service
--Retreat leaders
--CCD teacher’s aid
--Catholic Charities
--Church festivals

Additional Information:
The guidelines for Mary Star of the Sea High School's Christian Service program and a copy o the f Christian Service hours verification sheet can be found in the Student-Parent Handbook.

Please visit for more Christian Service ideas in your local community.