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Alma Mater

The expression "Alma Mater" is from the Latin "nurturing mother" and refers to the role of the school as a fundamental formational element in the life of young people. Mary Star's "Alma Mater" was written by Sr. Fidelia (Angela Conroy) of the Immaculate Heart Sisters in 1950:

To our Alma Mater our voices sing in praise
For her faithful service through many happy days.
Her friendship we cherish and know that it will bring
Success in our labors, so joyfully we sing:

Mary, Star of the Sea,
Hail to thee,
Alma Mater Dear,
Thee we all revere.
Loyal and true
To your gold and blue,
We will always be
Star of the Sea.

So staunch and so stately our Alma Mater stands,
A jewel of splendor set in this noble land.
May hers be the glory this world has ever seen,
Success ever crown her beyond her highest dreams.