School History
Mary Star of the Sea High School History

Mary Star of the Sea High School is located in San Pedro, a largely Catholic community. The school is operated by Mary Star of the Sea Parish under the supervision of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The Parish was established by Bishop Mora in 1889 and the High School was founded by Monsignor George M. Scott in 1951. Sr. Nepomucen, IHM was the school's first principal.

The school, which was largely staffed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart, graduated its first class on June 10, 1954. Brothers of the Holy Cross and archdiocesan priests have also helped to staff the school at various times in its history. The school has played a very important role in the life of the community, graduating over 5,000 students.
In 1959 Fermin Lasuen High School for boys was established in the area and Mary Star of the Sea High School began its transition from a co-ed school to an all girls school. However, Fermin Lasuen High School closed in 1971 and Mary Star of the Sea High School again became a co-ed school.
The last Immaculate Heart Sister left the school in 1992. Since 1991 the Norbertine Fathers have helped staff the school (the Norbertine Order was founded by St. Norbert in the year 1121 to combine the ideals of priestly and monastic life and has been in the work of education for over eight centuries). The current Administration and Faculty are predominately lay women and men. Their dedication to the Catholic philosophy of education and the values of the Gospel serves as an example for today's youth.
To download a pdf of the April 2004 issue of San Pedro Magazine which featured Mary Star of the Sea High School's 50th Anniversary of the first graduating class, click here (caution: large file = 3.07 MB).
In 2007, under the direction of our late Pastor, Monsignor Patrick Gallagher, the school moved from its original location on 8th Street to the new campus on Taper Avenue. The move brought to a conclusion the first phase of the relocation dream which has been pursued since 1995. The new campus was dedicated by Cardinal Roger Mahony September 30, 2007. The students and faculty held class for the first time at the new campus November 28, 2007.
In addition to San Pedro, the school also serves communities in the greater Harbor area. The student body brings with it a diverse cultural and ethnic background which continues to enrich the traditions begun in 1951.
Please enjoy some photos of the school's dedication in 1951 by Cardinal McIntyre.