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Mary Star of the Sea High School offers enrichment and review courses each summer. The four-week session begins on June 16, 2021 and ends on July 21, 2021. All classes will be in-person only. Courses for Incoming Freshmen are $250 per course and Review Courses for grades 9th - 12th are $275. Applications are available now, however the deadline to sign up for summer school classes is Monday, June 14, 2021. All school rules and regulations apply during summer school including our pick-up and drop off policy for parents and student drivers.

Students from Mary Star and other high schools, including public high schools, can sign up for summer school classes by submitting an online Application Form and payment. Please call Mrs. Alves in the Finance Office to arrange payment: 310-547-1138.

All courses are U.C. approved. Courses include: English, Social Studies, Foreign Language (Spanish and Latin), Math, Science and Fine Arts I & II. These courses are $275 per session.
Please contact your grade-level counselor if you would like advice on what summer school classes to take.
Additionally, Language Arts/Reading Comprehension and Math Review are two courses designed to prepare Incoming Freshmen for their fall courses. These freshmen courses are $250 per session.
Please review all information HERE.