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Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Mary Star of the Sea High School provides for the needs of both the college-bound and non-college bound student.  The school’s curriculum meets all state, archdiocesan and college requirements.  Please note the requirements for graduation for Mary Star of the Sea High School as they pertain to entrance into the University of California and the California State University systems.  It is important that parents and students understand that occasional scheduling conflicts and enrollment numbers may necessitate a change in student schedules.  For this reason students cannot be guaranteed a place in all their first choice classes.

Academic Detention Policy
The purpose of the academic detention policy is to promote the completion of student work in a timely manner in order to advance student learning.  If a student does not have an assignment completed or turned in when it is due, the teacher may issue an academic detention to be served on the date designated on the detention form.  Please refer to each teacher’s course policy statement for specific information regarding academic detentions.

Cheating Policy
Cheating and dishonesty are contrary to the philosophy of Mary Star of the Sea High School.  The faculty and administration consider cheating on tests, quizzes, papers, homework, and all assignments a serious offense.  Teachers cannot properly measure a student’s performance when cheating occurs.  The school interprets cheating as follows, though not limited to:
  • Plagiarism – representing someone else’s work or ideas as one’s own without giving credit to the source
  • Copying assignments and homework or allowing another student to copy assignments in or out of class
  • Giving or receiving answers to quizzes, tests, and examinations
  • Doing another person’s work or allowing another to do one’s work
  • Possession of unauthorized materials during an exam

To assist teachers in determining the authenticity of student work the school has authorized the faculty to use  Please refer to each teacher’s course policy statement for clarification of this review service.

In the case of cooperative learning assignments, students are to adhere to the teacher’s policy.

When a student is involved in a cheating incident, the following actions will be taken:

1.    Teacher will call parents.
2.    Student will be issued a dean’s detention.
3.    Grade of “0” will be given for the exam or assignment.
4.    Student will be placed on probation.

Students involved in a second cheating incident during their stay at Mary Star of the Sea High School will be placed on strict probation and/or may appear before the Discipline Board.

Schedule Changes
Students requesting a schedule change must submit a completed Schedule Change Request Form to the counselor.  This form is available in the counselors’ offices.  All changes must be approved by the counselor and the principal.  When the schedule change involves movement in the level of courses, parent permission is required.  Students requesting a schedule change will be charged a $15 processing fee.  Changes may not be requested after the second full week of the semester.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times during the academic year; at the end of the first quarter, first semester, third quarter and second semester. Report cards for the fall and spring semesters are mailed directly home on the date noted on the school calendar. Quarter report cards are made available online via PowerSchool as noted on the school calendar. For those students attending summer school, reports cards are mailed home at the conclusion. The school takes no responsibility for the failure of the report card to arrive in the parent’s hands. Parents who do not receive a report card during the scheduled week should call the main office immediately.

Progress Reports & Parent/Teacher Conference Night
Teachers will issue written progress reports at regular intervals during the school year.  Please check the calendar for progress report and Parent/Teacher Conference dates.  When failure in a class is possible, parents will be notified via the progress reports.  Parents may request specific information regarding their student’s progress through the teacher or appropriate grade level counselor at any time during the school year.
Student progress reports will be mailed home approximately one week prior to Parent/Teacher Conference Nights.  At the conference nights, time is provided for all parents to discuss student progress with teachers.  It is the responsibility of parents to attend the parent/teacher conference nights in order to be fully informed of their student’s progress at the middle of the quarter.

Interim Grade Checks
Interim grade checks are issued to parents whose students fall into one or more of the following categories:
  • Student’s GPA is below 2.0 on previous quarter or semester report card.
  • Student is the recipient of special academic services.
  • Student is an English language learner.
These hand-written reports are issued in the interim between printed progress reports and report cards.  The reports are collected from teachers and mailed to parents as indicated on the school calendar.

Final Examinations
All students are required to take final examinations as scheduled on the school calendar.  No exceptions will be made.

Academic Probation
Any student receiving one or more semester grades of F in a scholastic year will be placed on an academic probation contract which will remain in effect until the grade of F is cleared.  Any student who receives three or more semester grades of F in a single scholastic year may be asked to withdraw from Mary Star of the Sea High School. 

Transcripts of Grades
Students requesting transcripts to be sent to other schools or colleges must fill out the proper form in the Registrar’s Office.  Each student is allowed one transcript without cost.  Each additional transcript costs $5.  All official transcripts must be mailed.  Each student is reminded to send final transcripts to the college of his/her choice at the conclusion of the second semester of the senior year.

Withholding of Transcripts/Report Cards
The school will not release a transcript/report card, official or unofficial, to a parent, student, college or an employer unless all financial obligations have been met by the student or the parents.

Withholding of Diplomas
The school will not grant a diploma to a student unless all obligations (including but not limited to financial, disciplinary, Christian service, athletic and academic) have been met.

Honor Roll
Honor roll status for Mary Star of the Sea High School students is based on the previous semester’s grades. Mary Star uses unweighted and weighted (when applicable) GPAs in the selection process of valedictorian and salutatorian, undergraduate awards, honor rolls, class rank and other award societies. Students earning a GPA of 3.80 and above receive the Principal's Honor Roll, and between 3.50 and 3.79 obtain Honor Roll; those between 3.49 and 3.00 are placed on the Blue and Gold Achievement List.