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Throughout the centuries of her existence, the Catholic Church has sponsored institutions of learning to challenge the human mind in the pursuit of knowledge, truth and wisdom. While serving a wide variety of academic abilities and gifts, Mary Star of the Sea High School challenges every student in a focused and disciplined educational environment which includes the integration of the Catholic faith across the curriculum.


Mary Star of the Sea High School students are genuine thinkers who:

  • Possess a solid foundation in the core curriculum
  • Analyze critically, evaluate thoughtfully, and communicate effectively
  • Are prepared for the challenges of higher education and the workplace



Mary Star of the Sea High School provides for the needs of both the college-bound and non-college bound student.  The school’s curriculum meets all state, archdiocesan and college requirements. The requirements for graduation for Mary Star of the Sea High School pertain to entrance into the University of California and the California State University systems.


A student of Mary Star of the Sea High School must successfully achieve a minimum of 240 academic units to graduate; each course completed with a passing grade is equivalent to 5 units per semester. In addition to their academic requirements, students must accumulate a minimum 80 hours of Christian service prior to graduation.



Some statistics that characterize the Mary Star education:

  •  Average class size of 23
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 17:1
  • Mary Star of the Sea graduates 100% of our seniors each year
  • In 2018, 74% of Mary Star who took AP Exams earned scores of 3+ (3, 4, or 5), and annually exceeds both the California and Global percentages
  • in 2018, 119 different students took an AP Exam, while the school submitted a total of 260 total exams
  • 95% of 2018 graduates met the A-G requirements of the UC and Cal State systems
  • 99% of the Class of 2018 are college bound, with two students enlisting in the military
Class of 2018 S.A.T. Scores (using the new SAT format)
The average College Bound SAT score for Mary Star students was 1142 while the 2017 national mean was only 1082 (2017 being the most recent complete statistics nation wide). The following represents the scoring range achieved on the SAT for the students who took the test with Mary Star students outshining the national mean score:
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) Math
MSHS Mean Score 2018: 562 MSHS Mean Score 2018: 580
National Score 2017: 544 National Score 2017: 538