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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A student of Mary Star of the Sea High School must meet the following requirements for graduation.

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 240 credits. Each core class completed with a passing grade is equivalent to 5 credits per semester.
  2. Students must take one English and one Religion class each semester.
  3. Any student who has not received credit for a semester class must make up the proper credit in summer school at Mary Star of the Sea High School before returning the following September.
  4. Each student must complete 80 hours of Christian Service under the direction of the Christian Service coordinator. 
  5. There is a $250.00 per semester fee for zero period classes.

NOTE:  Participation in the graduation ceremony and receipt of a diploma are privileges, not rights.  The school reserves the right to deny participation in graduation and to deny a diploma.  Any student subject to such penalties will be granted a transcript, in accordance with the requirements of California law.

Credits Required For Graduation
English 4 years 40 Credits
Religion 4 Years 40 Credits
Mathematics 3 Years 30 Credits
Social Studies 3.5 Years 35 Credits
Science 2.5 Years 25 Credits
Language 2 Years 20 Credits
P.E./Health 1 Year 10 Credits
Visual and Performing Arts
1 Year 10 Credits
Electives 3 Years 30 Credits
Total 240 Credits