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      Student Council 2022 - 2023   
ASB Officers

Co-Presidents: Claire Babbitt and Drew Reynolds

Secretary/Treasurer: Paige Courtney

Commissioner of Campus Ministry: Ethan Canty

Commissioner of Spirit: Hayden Zepeda

Commissioner of Technology: Eriella Afewerki

Commissioner of Athletics: Luka Fiamengo

ASB Campus Ministry Cabinet: Matthew Flaum and Travis Guevara

ASB Campus Life Cabinet: Melody Alcocer, Mark Castillo,

Emily Ramirez and Teresa Turbide

ASB Tech Team: Nico Calderon-Gutierrez and Sophia Gurrola

ASB Athletics Cabinet: Mariah Castaneda, Armando Patino and Cade Trudnich

ASB School Spirit Cabinet: Melanie Melendez, Paris Mitchell, Paula Serrano,

Daniella Spralja and Samantha Tapia


Senior Class Officers

President: Gavin Perez

Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Anebere

Campus Ministry: Paolo Mison

Spirit: Ruth Herrera, Taylor Tschaepe


Junior Class Officers

President: Jayme Felix

Secretary/Treasurer: Esther Park

Campus Ministry: Danielle Flores

Spirit: Isaiah Cara

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Raedyn Skoblar

Secretary/Treasurer: Katelyn Hernandez

Campus Ministry: Isabella Warner

Spirit: Isaias Correa

Freshman Class Officers

President: Valeria Serrano

Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Rosas

Campus Ministry: Simon Perez

Spirit: Isabelle Roman


Class Moderators
Senior Class: Ms. Caitlin Hanley
Junior Class: Ms. Rita Dever
Sophomore Class: Ms. Melissa Neeb
Freshman Class: Ms. Melanie Melendrez


Any Questions Contact the Director of Student Activities:  Ms. Emnace at [email protected]