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Mary Star AUP

Mary Star Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Communications ["Mary Star AUP”]

A. Electronic Communication Policies for Students
  1. While on school premises, students may not use any electronic communications devices that they bring from home without direct approval of a staff member and under direct supervision of a staff member.
  2. Cell Phones, portable music players, tablet computers, and any other portable communication devices (including voice, data, and texting) not specifically allowed by the administration, must be stored in the student's locker during school hours and may be used only before or after school.
  3. When printing documents or web pages in the library, double sided printing should be used whenever possible. Printing of pictures or images is to be avoided.
  4. Students will promptly inform a teacher or other school personnel of any message received that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  5. ALL personal devices connected to the school network are subject to content filters. Be mindful of what websites you visit and what apps you have installed on your mobile devices. Any inappropriate content will be blocked and violators will face disciplinary consequences.
B. Electronic Communication Policies for Parents

We expect our parents to be equal stakeholders in the implementation of our electronic communication policies by monitoring their child's Internet access and electronic use outside of school in a manner supportive of the school's policies. Inappropriate electronic communications among students outside of school may subject the student to disciplinary action.
  1. Parents are expected to follow the appropriate chain of communication in addressing the problems or issues with the school i.e contact school personnel first; if issue is not resolved, then contact the principal, pastor, and the Archdiocese.
  2. Posting inappropriate comments about the school, its personnel or students, on the web and via emails does not constitute following the appropriate chain of communication.
  3. The school reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their children in such cases when parents decline to abide by these policies.