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Home: Religion 9

My name is Fr. Luke and I teach Religion 9.

I prefer to communicate by email. Please note my phone number and email link on the right side of this page.
Tutoring: Monday to Thursday 2:20 -3:00 pm.
Student tutoring will take place in person in  Rm 108.
Registered students ,also, have their own Google Classroom page to access information, videos, homework and links to important parts of the Religion 9 Classroom. This page should be accessed EVERY DAY to Help Organize Your Learning Experience in my classroom. 

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Prerequisite: None Grade 9  1 Year


This class integrates a study of the basics of faith in the Roman Catholic Scripture and Divine Revelation as revealed through its Magisterium.

This course gives students a general knowledge and appreciation of the Sacred Scripture through an examination of the Old Testament and New Testament. Students learn about the Bible and its value to all peoples. From the prophets, students learn of the awaited Messiah, and through the Gospels, they encounter the God Man,  Jesus Christ. Through the course of study, students explore the Mystery of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God. Through his life and message, students will understand that Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation to us from God. This course has been found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the USCCB High School Doctrinal Framework Secondary Level Protocol.