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Physical Education Department


Note: An asterisk (*) following the course title indicates the course meets the 

entrance requirements for UC/CSU when passed with a grade of C or better.


Prerequisite: None 

Grade 9 1 Year 

This course is designed for students of all skill levels and athletic ability. It will give the student a basic introduction to fitness, exercise and sport. The student will be able to appreciate a wide variety of athletic activities and understand the importance of teamwork and responsibility.


Prerequisite: None 

Grade 9 1 Semester 

An On-line Health course will provide students information to understand the importance of health and wellness for all individuals and their communities. All students will learn about the mental, physical, and social aspects of health. Topics will include nutrition, exercise, disease, building relationships, weight management, stress, and alcohol/tobacco.


Prerequisite: None

Grade 9 1 Year

This course is designed for the student who has no previous understanding of dance. It will give the student a basic introduction to dance history, dance skills, costume design, and performance production. The student will be able to appreciate various styles of dance from ballet to hip hop along with an emphasis on fitness and exercise. Students will also be introduced to the basic skills of creating Fashion Design.  The student will be able to sketch a body form based off the 9-Head fashion model.  Fundamental skills of shading, shadowing, sketching and will be emphasized in this course. This course fulfills the MSHS P.E. and Visual and Performing Arts requirement.


Prerequisite: None

Grade 11, 12      1 Semester

This course is designed to increase the athletic skill level of students. It will teach the value of physical exercise, recreational activities, and a commitment to lifelong fitness. The activities included in this course, but not limited to, are volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer, baseball/softball, hockey, weight training and physical fitness.