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Retreats and Days of Prayer

Overnight Retreats
Juniors and seniors interested in participating in a serious, spiritual retreat are provided the opportunity to attend an off-campus overnight retreat.  All students are highly encouraged to attend these retreats but they are not mandatory. The retreats will be coordinated by the director of campus ministry and will be supervised by faculty members and additional adults as needed.  Participation in all overnight retreats requires completion of an application process, including a signed behavior contract and retreat fee payment.  No student will be denied a retreat opportunity due to financial need.  Contact the director of campus ministry for financial assistance.

Days of Prayer
In addition to our overnight retreats, mandatory day retreats are offered to Junior and Senior Students.  Our freshman and sophomore students also hold a special day dedicated to prayer. All retreat dates and day of prayer dates are listed on the school calendar.  Please contact the main office or the director of campus ministry for further details.