Parent Volunteer Information

Parent Volunteer Information




PURPOSE: These service hours are a vital part of school life. They help build community and parent involvement – two cornerstones of Catholic education. They also offset some expenses. It is part of your child’s Catholic education to participate in school activities and to meet obligations.


WHO MAY WORK: Parents of the student enrolled in the school and siblings who are 18 years or older. For single-parent families or those in need, 1 designated alternate may be used. You are required to notify Mrs. Jeanna Alves if you are using an alternate no later than the due date of the summer time sheet (September 5th). If anyone other than parents or siblings work, those hours will not be counted. All parents are required to work a total of 40 hours per school year, or pay $400 per family.


TIMES: The time allotted for service hours are, from May 1 to April 30th. If you do not complete your hours within this time period, you will be charged $10 for each uncompleted hour.


TIME SHEET: Parent Volunteer Time Sheets are due the fifth of each month. If the fifth falls on a weekend or a holiday, sheets are due the next school day. You may download a time sheet from our website at or pick one up in the main office. Please list all hours contributed for the indicated month on these sheets, and turn them into the school office by the fifth of each following month so that your hours will be posted. Fill out all information on the time sheet or you will not be credited for hours worked.


ELIGIBLE EVENTS: You may only work at those events that are authorized by the school. Any event requiring the purchase of items such as paper goods, candy, etc. will be credited upon show of receipt, one hour’s worth of credit for every $10.00 spent.


WHO TO CONTACT: If you have any questions regarding your hours, please contact Mrs. Jeanna Alves at 310 547-1138 or email, [email protected]. If you have not been called for an event you volunteered for, please contact a member of the parent board or chairperson of the event. Please do not wait until the end of the year to resolve this problem. It is your responsibility to complete this obligation.




  • Attend Star Academic or Athletic Booster Meetings   
  • Participate in Career Day
  • Fiesta (20 Hour Limit)
  • Sell tickets at sporting events                       
  • Booster Club Events
  • Night of 1,000 Stars
  • Attend Report Card Night
  • Sell Scrip
  • Assist with school mailings
  • Water cases (see below)

A baking guideline is listed in the Student-Parent Handbook.


Cases of water can be brought into the Main office at any time before April 30, 2020. THESE MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A RECEIPT.  Dasani, Sparkletts, Crystal Geyer, Arrowhead, and Aquafina are the only brands that will be accepted. No off brands,


Please refer to Volunteer Opportunities in registration packet as well as on website.


Water can be turned into the Main Office at any time for credit. Dasani, Sparkletts, Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead, and Aquafina are the only brands that will be accepted. For every case of water, you will receive one parent service hour.


Important note:

Remember that whenever you volunteer for a specific duty (whether working an event or baking/cooking for a social) you are being counted on to perform that task.  If for any reason you cannot fulfill that duty, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute and contact the person in charge of that activity.  In the event that this is not done, the amount of volunteer hours you signed up for will be added to your remaining hours to be completed.  You will receive an adjustment notice if this occurs.