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College Resources » Senior Transcripts/Recommendations

Senior Transcripts/Recommendations

“How to’s” for obtaining transcripts and recommendations

Requests for transcripts -

Transcript requests are made to Mrs. Phillips, Registrar.  Please complete a Transcript Request form (available in the Registrar’s Office or download printer-friendly below), along with $5 per transcript, to have MSHS send an official copy of your transcript to the school(s) of your choice. If needed for a walk-in application or scholarship package, you may also request an official transcript and then pick it up to include in your complete application packet. Remember:  An opened transcript, if was first sealed, becomes unofficial! Do not open a sealed, official transcript envelope!

Requests for letters of recommendation –

Some colleges/universities and scholarship programs require letters of recommendation. In requesting them, first follow the guidelines of the organization/school. Generally NO FAMILY members can write letters of recommendation.

 ·        Start early!  Never expect a recommender to write a letter or complete a form “today.”  Also, make sure all recommendations are mailed at least 10 days before the final due date. Don’t flirt with losing out on a scholarship or admissions decision due to slow mail. Most schools/scholarships list “due dates,” not the date to mail items.  Be on time! Better yet, be early with your applications.

 ·        Choose a teacher/counselor/employer who is appropriate for the need. If a college/university recommendation is needed, seek out a teacher who knows your level of academic performance and ability and taught in the area you intend to pursue for study. For example:  going into a math/science major – ask a math or science teacher; humanities major – English or social studies teacher; service scholarship – Christian Service coordinator or volunteer coordinator who knows your level of commitment and performance.

Ask at least two weeks before you need the letter if the person is willing to complete a recommendation form or write a letter or recommendation on your behalf.  Do not be offended if they tell you they do not have time. Find someone else who fits your criteria for a recommender.

Provide the recommender a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to the school/organization where the recommendation should be mailed as well as any forms from the school/organization that must be completed. NOTE:  most of the time for schools, the recommender will mail directly to the school without giving the recommendation back to you. Some scholarship programs require you to turn in all materials at once, in which case the recommender should be asked to return the sealed envelope with the recommendation inside to you.

Provide the recommender with a copy of your Achievements and Activities Summary (Download printer-friendly below). This will help them recall your career at MSHS and therefore write a stronger recommendation.

After one week’s time, check back with recommender. Ask if they need additional information to complete your request or if they have any questions. You would be surprised how often a recommender has questions about your activities, choice of schools, etc.