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College Entrance Requirements

College Entrance Requirements

Subject Requirements for Entrance – University of California/California State University
The Mary Star of the Sea High School courses meeting these "a-g" requirements are available on the UC Web site (click here) and are listed under Mary Star of the Sea High School.

The following are the a-g Admissions Requirements (per subject) for UC/CSU. Download the easy-to-follow matrix below or click here.
“a” History/Social Science – two years required
  • Two years, including one year of world history, cultures and historical geography and one year of US history or one-half year of US history and one-half year of civics or American government.
“b” English – four years required
  • Four years of college-preparatory English that include frequent and regular writing, and reading of classic and modern literature.
“c” Mathematics – three years required, four recommended
  • Three years of college preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry.
“d” Laboratory Science – two years required, three recommended
  • Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in at least two of these three disciplines:  biology, chemistry and physics.
“e” Language Other than English – two year required, three recommended
  • Two years of the same language other than English.
“f” Visual and performing arts – one year required
  • One year, including dance, drama/theater, music or visual art.
“g” College Preparatory Electives – one year required
  • One year (two semesters), chosen from additional “a-f” courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements above, or courses that have been approved solely for use as “g” electives.
  • UC and CSU grade point average calculations include only those courses on the “a-g” list with some grades weighted for honors/AP.
  • CSU and UC require SAT and Writing or ACT with Writing. Some programs (such as engineering) require specific subject tests.
  • UC will accept Math 2 as one of the subject tests, but not Math1.
  • UC considers SAT Writing or ACT Writing score in application process; CSU does not.
  • UC requires written personal statements, CSU does not.
  • UC and CSU do not request letters of recommendation; most other colleges do require recommendations.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements for eligibility is not enough to gain admission to many UC and CSU campuses and programs due to the number of applicants applying for spaces available for a particular campus or program.
  • UC and other selective colleges/universities demand a rigorous course sequence throughout four years of high school.
College and “D’s” and “F’s”
Students who intend to enroll in a four year university or college immediately after high school must repeat the classes in which they received a “D” or an “F”.

Private Colleges/Out of State Colleges
Requirements vary.  Students interested in specific schools should research requirements early in their high school careers. Private colleges also consider test scores, essays, activities, and also look at recommendations from teachers and others.

Community Colleges of California
Requirements: High School Diploma (not needed after age eighteen).  Community colleges now have transfers and matriculation services to help all students reach their goal of transfer to four-year college or AA degree.

Please be sure to see the counselor if you have any questions regarding college admission requirements!